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Grazing permits on Colville National Forest threaten imperiled bull trout

Groups send Forest Service 60-day notice of intent to sue for failing to consider livestock impacts on threatened bull trout and their critical habitat.

SPOKANE, WA—To defend threatened bull trout and bull trout critical habitat on the Colville National Forest—and with much of northeast Washington under extreme drought—conservation groups have warned the U.S. Forest Service that they will amend an existing lawsuit against the agency’s grazing management to include claims under the Endangered Species Act if the agency does not respond.

Lawsuit Filed to Protect Ancient Forest & Wildlife
Sanpoil Timber Sale Challenged
Spokane, WA. The Kettle Range Conservation Group filed a complaint May 12, 2021 in federal district court challenging the Sanpoil timber project in the Kettle River Range, located in the Colville National Forest in northeast Washington. The Sanpoil Project violates the Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Forest Service predicts the timber sale will produce 50-60 million board feet of timber, enough to fill an estimated 10-12,000 logging trucks.

The Colville National Forest turns a deaf ear to collaboration
Sad as it is true, the U.S. Forest Service, Colville National Forest (CNF) has returned to its old right-brained habit of ignoring public input, clearcutting and logging ancient forest as evidenced in the Sherman Pass Project. I spent six years collaborating with the CNF on this project. The CNF said it would not be clearcutting the forest, but it did so, a lot. Despite criticism from collaborative interests, the Forest Service is adamant that it did the right thing – and in a Scenic Byway no less.
Overview map with links to pictures CLICK HERE

 Western wolf coalition challenges nationwide wolf delisting
January 14, 2021. Today, a coalition of Western wolf advocates challenged the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to prematurely strip wolves of federal protections in the contiguous 48 states, in violation of the Endangered Species Act. “The finger on the trigger of wolf slaughter is driven by anti-government fanatics who foment fear, lies and mistrust. The Endangered Species Act makes such hostility to wild nature more difficult, more closely watched,” said Timothy Coleman, director of Kettle Range Conservation Group and former member of the state Wolf Advisory Group.

Conservationists File Complaint with Colville National Forest Over Outdated Grazing Practices in Newly Adopted Land Management Plan
Spokane, Wash.— THE LANDS COUNCIL, WESTERN WATERSHEDS PROJECT, and KETTLE RANGE CONSERVATION GROUP filed a complaint in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington today, challenging the U.S. Forest Service for allowing excessive cattle grazing in the Colville National Forest, leading to long-term damage to the forest ecosyste

Wildlife Advocates Sue Forest Service Over Rising Wolf Body Count in Washington

Twenty-six wolves killed—including the Profanity Peak Pack—due to agency’s continued preferential treatment for living grazing over coexistence with wildlife.

Spokane, WA
– WildEarth Guardians, Western Watersheds Project, and Kettle Range Conservation Group filed a lawsuit today to ensure that the U.S. Forest Service protects endangered gray wolves on the Colville National Forest in northeast Washington where livestock ranching activities have incited conflict. READ THE REST OF THE STORY
25 Years Of Re-living With Wolves In Yellowstone
Wildlife lovers are celebrating an anniversary: Twenty-five years ago in January 1995, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service translocated 14 gray wolves from Alberta to Yellowstone and 15 to central Idaho to restore them to those areas. In 1996, another 17 wolves from British Columbia were moved to Yellowstone, and 20 to central Idaho.

Environmental Assessment Sherman Pass Project
View the slide show presentation for the Environmental Assessment Sherman Pass Project by the Three Rivers and Republic Ranger Districts. Includes Vegetation and Surface Fuel Treatments; BPA power line treatment; Kettle Crest National Recreation Trail plus maps and pictures.

This is a must read if you care about the impact of the Record of Decision finalizing the revised Forest Plan for Colville National Forest

Understanding Wolves - Wolf Behavior and Habituation
Normal wolf behavior can easily be confused as habituation; becoming too comfortable with humans. Wolves are often described as shy and fearful of humans. Consequently, when a person sees a wolf pup lying in the middle of a dirt road or an adult wolf trails a person through the woods, he/she describes the wolf as exhibiting non-typical behavior or “habituated”.

Trail Maintenance - Please help - Volunteers needed
Kettle Range Conservation Group volunteered to help with Colville National Forest trail maintenance this summer on Tenmile, Big Lick and Gibraltar trails. Trail work is both fun and necessary to keep our trails in good shape - so come on out. All skill levels & ages are encouraged to participate. We will provide training for those who need it, and we will not work you too hard!

In addition to Gibraltar and Ten Mile maintenance, work parties to repair the Big Lick Trail are being planned. More information on future work parties can be found on our website or our Facebook page which we are working hard to keep up to date. If you are not on Facebook you can link to our page at our website. You will not be able to comment, but you can read all of our posts and keep up to date on what is happening.

Please bring food, water, and appropriate gear including long pants, gloves, eye protection and boots are a must. Tools will be provided.

Any question about the hikes or work parties feel free to contact
Dan Price: email:

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Independent Study on Impact of Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition (NEWFC) Blueprint

Economic studyAt the request of the Northeast Washington Forestry Coalition, Headwaters Economics conducted an examination of northeast Washington’s communities and economy to determine the possible impacts of the "Blueprint" proposal for managing National Forest lands in the region.

Click here to review the results at the Headwaters Economics website.

KRCG Official logoKettle Range Conservation Group History
During our 45 years of conservation work we have met many challenges facing our national forests and rural communities throughout northeast and north central Washington. Our longest running campaign to protect national forest wilderness in the wild and un-roaded backcountry of the Kettle River Range, Okanogan Highlands and Selkirk Mountains continues today.

45 years of conservation work meeting the many challenges facing our national forest.
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‘Secret’ Federal Agency Admits Killing 3.2 Million Wild Animals in U.S. Last Year Alone



Heavily hunted wolves have higher stress and reproductive hormones
New research suggests heavily hunted wolves experience increased social and physiological stress.
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Conservation Groups Appeal to Gov. Inslee
to Require Rules Limiting Killing of Washington's Endangered Wolves

Eight conservation groups filed an appeal with Gov. Jay Inslee to reverse the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission’s denial of a petition asking for enforceable rules limiting when wolves can be killed in response to livestock depredations.
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KRCG notes killing wolves can result in more conflict
Eight conservation organizations, representing hundreds of thousands of Washington residents, are calling on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to rescind a kill order issued earlier this week for wolves of the Huckleberry pack.
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